Moving Out of Harm’s Way

Arnold, Missouri
Residents of Arnold, Missouri located south of Saint Louis, near the confluence received $2 million in disaster relief following the Great Flood of 1993. After that flood the town implemented a voluntary relocation plan that reduced federal assistance to less than $40,000 when floodwaters returned in 1995.

Cedar Falls, Iowa
After floods caused six federally-declared disasters during the 1990s, Cedar Falls acquired 99 frequently-flooded properties, helping 89 families move to higher ground. Officials originally estimated that spending $4.3 million to relocate the homes would save $6.6 million over the next 30 years. The project has already paid dividends officials estimate that subsequent floods in 2000 would have caused $5.3 million if the homes were still in the river’s floodplain.

Fort Collins, Colorado
Relocating 96 homes and businesses including a retirement home from the Spring Creek floodplain in Fort Collins, Colorado before a record flood in July 1997 is estimated to have saved nearly 100 lives and $5 million in damages.

Albany, Georgia
Following devastating floods, more than 700 homes and businesses were moved from the Flint River floodplain in Albany, Georgia. When floodwaters returned two years later, relief costs fell by nearly $2 million a net savings of $500,000.