Kellogg Creek Dam, OR

Kellogg Dam is located at the mouth of Kellogg Creek which is a tributary to the Willamette River in the City of Milwaukie, Oregon. The creek historically had populations of Coho salmon before the dam was constructed, but now this 16 foot high dam blocks passage for Coho and other salmonids. The City of Milwaukie plans to remove the dam as part of an effort to restore these historic Coho runs and to revitalize the Milwaukie riverfront for the local community. The removal will also include the restoration of the stream and lakebed upstream of the dam to create excellent habitat along cold water pools in this area.

American Rivers has provided funding for the design of the dam removal and stream restoration through our National Partnership with the NOAA Community-based Restoration Program and we are working with the City of Milwaukie and other partners to facilitate this project. Dam removal would open up approximately nine miles of habitat along Kellogg and Mt. Scott Creeks.

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