Verde River

Verde River, AZ | © Doug Von Gausig

Verde River, AZ | © Doug Von Gausig

American Rivers is working with local partners to preserve the Verde and connect local communities to the river through recreation, such as fishing, boating, and wildlife watching.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the river and the benefits it provides, build support within the community for flow protections, and boost the local economy by providing important opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy it through recreation.

About the River

The Verde River is an important tributary to the Colorado River and a unique resource in Arizona. One of the few perennially flowing rivers in the Southwest, the Verde sustains lush riverside forest, a large and diverse wildlife population, and provides critical drinking water to many Central Arizona communities. Aboriginal cultures have been present in the area for thousands of years. Cliff dwellings can still be seen in the rocks above the river.

However, increasingly frequent groundwater water pumping is severely depleting the river’s flows.

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