America’s Most Endangered Rivers for 2014

The annual America’s Most Endangered Rivers® report is a list of rivers at a crossroads, where key decisions in the coming months will determine the rivers’ fates. Over the years, the report has helped spur many successes including the removal of outdated dams, the protection of rivers with Wild and Scenic designations, and the prevention of harmful development and pollution.

1. San Joaquin River

Location: California
Threat: Outdated water management and excessive diversions
At Risk: River health and resilient communities

2. Upper Colorado River

Location: Colorado
Threat: Water diversions
At Risk: River health and recreation

3. Middle Mississippi River

Location: Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky
Threat: Outdated flood management
At Risk: Habitat and public safety

4. Gila River

Location: New Mexico
Threat: New water diversions
At Risk: River health, fish & wildlife, recreation, and tourism

5. San Francisquito Creek

Location: California
Threat: Outdated dam
At Risk: Threatened fish, wildlife habitat, and public safety

6. South Fork Edisto River

Location: South Carolina
Threat: Excessive water withdrawals
At Risk: Fish and wildlife habitat, recreation, and water quality

7. White River (CO)

Location: Colorado
Threat: Oil and gas development
At Risk: Fish and wildlife habitat and drinking water supplies

8. White River (WA)

Location: Washington
Threat: Outdated dam and fish passage facilities
At Risk: Salmon, steelhead, and bull trout populations

9. Haw River

Location: North Carolina
Threat: Polluted runoff
At Risk: Clean water and public health

10. Clearwater and Lochsa Rivers

Location: Idaho
Threat: Industrialization of a Wild and Scenic River corridor
At Risk: Scenery, solitude, world-class recreational values