America’s Most Endangered Rivers for 2013

Thanks to your support, our America’s Most Endangered Rivers® report is one of the most effective tools in the environmental movement for publicizing threats to rivers and galvanizing the public to take action. You have helped us sound the alarm on hundreds of rivers, saving them from urgent such as pollution, oil and gas development, and dams.

The 2013 report highlights a number of key threats, and shines the spotlight on rivers running dry because of outdated water management, wasteful water use, and persistent drought. As you will see with the Colorado River and other rivers on the list, when we withdraw too much water from rivers, communities and wildlife suffer.

1. Colorado River

Location: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming
Threat: Outdated water management
At Risk: Recreation economy, water supply, and wildlife habitat

2. Flint River

Location: Georgia
Threat: Outdated water management
At Risk: Water supply for communities, farms, recreation, and wildlife

3. San Saba River

Location: Texas
Threat: Oudated water management
At Risk: River flow for ranchers, citizens, and lakes

4. Little Plover River

Location: Wisconsin
Threat: Outdated water management
At risk: Fish habitat and water supply

5. Catawba River

Location: North Carolina, South Carolina
Threat: Coal ash pollution
At risk: Drinking water and recreational enjoyment

6. Boundary Waters

Location: Minnesota
Threat: Copper and nickel mining
At risk: Recreation economy, drinking water, and wilderness

7. Black Warrior River

Location: Alabama
Threat: Coal mining
At risk: Drinking water quality and fish and wildlife habitat

8. Rough & Ready and Baldface Creeks

Location: Oregon
Threat: Nickel mining
At risk: Pristine rivers, wilderness, botanical diversity, and recreation

9. Kootenai River

Location: British Columbia, Montana, Idaho
Threat: Open-pit coal mining
At risk: Water quality and survival of rare fish and wildlife

10. Niobrara River

Location: Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming
Threat: Sediment build-up and flooding
At risk: Property, crops, and public safety

Special Mention: Merced River

Location: California
Threat: Intentional flooding of a Wild and Scenic River
At risk: Wildlife habitat and recreation economy