Stop Dredge Mining From Destroying the Kaw

Location: Kansas

The Kansas River provides drinking water for 600,000 people and is the state’s most popular river for canoeing, kayaking, and other recreation. However, the river is threatened by sand and gravel dredging, which would cause severe harm to clean water, wildlife, and recreation opportunities. The USACE should complete a new Environmental Impact Study on dredging, deny all new permit and tonnage requests, and end dredging on the Kansas River by 2017.

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Dredging is damaging the river beds and lowering the water level of the Kansas River. This dwindling access to water is a major threat to humans, animals, and plants, including agriculture, especially considering the looming concern of climate change. Urge the Army Corps of Engineers to stop allowing businesses to dredge the Kansas River. Take Action »

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Dredge mining destroying Kansas River. Please stop allowing businesses to do it. Share this »

Dredging damaging river beds, lowering water level of Kansas River. Urge @KC_USACE to stop. Share this »

Kansas River at a Glance

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