Don’t Let Dams Destroy One of the Last Free-flowing Rivers in Colorado

Location: Colorado

The Crystal River provides essential habitat for fish and wildlife, beautiful vistas and recreation for visitors, and is one of the few remaining free-flowing streams in Colorado. But new hydropower dams, reservoirs, and water diversions threaten to destroy the river’s unique values.

Local water districts should reject the dam proposals and support federal Wild and Scenic River designation for the Crystal River, while embracing more efficient and cost-effective water supply solutions.

Take Action to Protect the Crystal River

Dams, pipelines, and diversions will ruin the character of the Crystal River. Tell the Colorado water authorities not to dam the river and protect its value for future generations with a Wild & Scenic River designation instead. Take Action »

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Protect Crystal River for generations to come. Don’t dam one of CO’s last wild rivers. Share this »

A free-flowing Crystal River is more valuable as a recreational, economic & natural resource. Share this »

Crystal River at a Glance

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