America’s Most Endangered Rivers for 2012

American Rivers has sounded the alarm on hundreds of rivers through our America’s Most Endangered Rivers® report for 27 years.  The report shines the spotlight on rivers at a crossroads that are facing harm and mobilizes the public to take action. We save rivers from urgent threats like natural gas drilling, pollution, and new dams.

The 10 rivers named as America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2012 highlight the importance of clean water and how it is under threat.  Congress is considering drastic cuts to national clean water protections as our country commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act. People, communities, and businesses all need clean water to thrive.

1. Potomac River

Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Washington D.C.

Threat: Pollution and Clean Water Act rollbacks with national implications
At stake: Clean water and public health

2. Green River

Wyoming, Utah, Colorado
Threat: Water withdrawals could damage the river flow
At stake: Recreation opportunities and fish and wildlife habitat

3. Chattahoochee River

Threat: New dams and reservoirs could dry up the river
At stake: Clean water and healthy fisheries

4. Missouri River

Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming
Threat: Outdated flood management
At stake: Public safety

5. Hoback River

Threat: Natural gas development
At stake: Clean water and world-class fish and wildlife

6. Grand River

Threat: Natural gas development
At stake: Clean water and public health

7. South Fork Skykomish River

Threat: New dam
At stake: Wildlife habitat and recreation

8. Crystal River

Threat: Dams and water diversions
At stake: Fish, wildlife, and recreation

9. Coal River

West Virginia
Threat: Mountaintop removal coal mining
At stake: Clean water and public health

10. Kansas River

Threat: Sand and gravel dredging
At stake: Public health and wildlife habitat


America's Most Endangered Rivers 2012 map