America’s Most Endangered Rivers® of 2010

Through the Most Endangered Rivers report, American Rivers has been the national watchdog raising the alarm on imperiled rivers and energizing grassroots support to stop threats such as dam proposals, mining operations, coal-fired generators, and massive dumping of raw sewage.

Working with local partners, the media, elected officials, and concerned citizens, we have achieved spectacular successes for the nation’s rivers — and the people, fish, and wildlife that depend on them.

1. Upper Delaware River

New York, Pennsylvania
Threat: Natural gas extraction

2. Sacramento-San Joaquin
River Delta

Threat: Outdated water and flood

3. Gauley River

West Virginia
Threat: Mountaintop removal coal mining

4. Little River

North Carolina
Threat: New dam

5. Cedar River

Threat: Outdated flood management

6. Upper Colorado River

Threat: Water diversions

7. Chetco River

Threat: Mining

8. Teton River

Threat: New dam

9. Monongahela River

Pennsylvania, West Virginia
Threat: Natural gas extraction

10. Coosa River

Threat: Hydropower dams