1.Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin

A water conflict has been raging in the Southeast for more than two decades, and rivers and communities are at a breaking point.

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2. San Joaquin River

The river is so over-tapped that it runs completely dry in stretches, threatening water quality, endangering fish and wildlife, and creating uncertainty for farmers.

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3. Susquehanna River

Harmful dam operations alter river flows, block fish and impact water quality.

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4. Smith River

A proposed copper mine could harm a nationally-renowned wild trout fishery and degrade the water quality.

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5. Green-Duwamsh Rivers

Outdated dam and floodplain management and pollution have taken their toll on the river and its salmon and steelhead runs.

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6. Pee Dee River

Irresponsible and harmful operations of the Duke Energy Tillery Hydroelectric Project are putting wildlife at risk.

7. Russell Fork River

The river’s clean water, whitewater rapids and unique beauty are threatened by a mountaintop removal coal mine.

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8. Merrimack River

Polluted runoff from rapid development and loss of forests threatens the area’s clean water.

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9. St. Lawrence River

Outdated dam operations are putting the river’s rich history and biodiversity at risk.

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10. Pascagoula River

A new dam threatens to ruin healthy wetlands and wildlife habitat.

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Download this year’s report: America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2016 (PDF)