Year of the River Video Project: White Salmon Restoration

I love this video. I love these two amazing women – Heather Herbeck, a whitewater guide and kayak instructor at Wet Planet, and Phyllis Clausen, who lived on the river for 30 years, volunteered with Friends of the White Salmon, and spearheaded river restoration and protection efforts.

This is the second video in our Year of the River series. Thanks again, Andy Maser, for your phenomenal work.

Back in September, we released the first Year of the River video about the Elwha River dam removal and river restoration effort. Now, this new video looks at the upcoming removal of Condit Dam on the White Salmon River – the big blast is set for October 26.

Heather and Phyllis have different stories and connections to the river, but they share the same excitement about watching the White Salmon run free.

And the wait is almost over – just two more weeks!