World Water Day: take action to protect clean water

protect your clean water Imagine having to walk three miles every day to obtain fresh water. That’s the average distance someone living in sub-Saharan Africa travels to get water for drinking, cooking, and washing.

Today is World Water Day, and the facts are sobering, to say the least. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide lack adequate drinking water and sanitation facilities.

If you live in the US, it’s likely that you’re within 1 mile of a stream or river. So compared to other countries around the world, we’re still relatively lucky when it comes to clean water.

But we can’t take it for granted.

And we can’t let elected officials put the interests of corporations over the interests of public health and safety. The threats to rivers and drinking water are coming from multiple fronts, and proposals in Congress would slash basic safeguards that are vital to our health and safety.

Sewage? Yuck. Cholera? No, thanks. Radioactive waste? Heck no!

It’s time to step up and speak out. Protect your clean drinking water and rivers by taking action today. Don’t let Congress roll back the clean water protections we’ve all worked so hard for.