Wild and Scenic Rivers are cool. So are maps about Wild and Scenic Rivers.

We are excited to launch an interactive map showing all the Wild and Scenic Rivers throughout the U.S.! This super cool map allows you to zoom into your favorite state, explore the length of protected river, and see what year it was designated, who is charge of its management, and a photo of the river!

Wild and Scenic Rivers map

A Wild and Scenic River designation by Congress protects our nation’s most spectacular rivers. While we celebrate the rivers currently benefiting from this protection, we know more rivers deserve it, and we are working to add more to the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System and to this map such as the mighty Nooksack, the Middle Fork Snoqualmie and Pratt, and Illabot Creek in Washington State!

Snoqualmie River, WA - Thomas O'Keefe

Snoqualmie River, WA | © Thomas O’Keefe

Federal legislation is currently working its way through Congress to designate the Middle Fork Snoqualmie and Pratt Rivers as Wild and Scenic in what’s called the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Additions and Pratt and Middle Fork Snoqualmie Rivers Protection Act. Accessible to a population of over three million people and treasured by hikers, mountain bikers, fishermen and whitewater enthusiasts, the Middle Fork Snoqualmie area is one of the most significant outdoor recreation destinations near Seattle. It is also an important source of pure water for the entire Snoqualmie system. The Pratt River valley, part of the larger Middle Fork Snoqualmie drainage, is arguably the wildest part of this unique basin.

A bill to designate Illabot Creek as Wild and Scenic is also making its way through Congress. A tributary to the Wild and Scenic Skagit River, Illabot Creek is a very special haven for two of the Northwest’s beloved icons – salmon and eagles. Illabot Creek provides crucial habitat for threatened wild Chinook salmon as well as for pink, Coho, and chum salmon. Given the strong presence of salmon, Illabot Creek attracts a large number of bald eagles, which roost at night in the stands of mature and old-growth forest along the creek. The area supports one of the largest wintering bald eagle populations in the lower 48 and two communal night roosts!

We hope you enjoy the new interactive Wild and Scenic Rivers map and that you will join us in supporting new Wild and Scenic River designations throughout the country.

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