What’s your favorite river ice cream?

Ice cream by the river“With temperatures soaring across the country, it’s time to combine our two favorite things – rivers and ice cream!  We challenged American Rivers staff to channel their inner dessert artist and come up with river-themed ice cream flavors.

Here are some of our favorite flavor inventions:

Muddy Waters (hazelnut ice cream with dark chocolate swirls and Swedish fish)

Spring Runoff (coffee ice cream with fudge swirl, heath bar logs, and milk dud boulders on the bottom)

River Cleanup (blueberry ice cream with gummy coke bottles)

Salmon River Surprise (strawberry ice cream with mini goldfish crackers and marshmallows)

Ice Cream by the riverPotomac Puddle (melted coffee ice cream served in a bowl)

Dambuster (blueberry ice cream with little fish-shaped chocolate pieces and smashed-up bits of cookie wafers)

Sewage Spill (chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chunks, lemon and caramel swirls, and coconut flakes)

So what would your river-themed flavor be?