What’s Your Favorite River Beer?

What’s your favorite river beer?

My colleague Kavita just came back from a meeting in southern Oregon where she learned that Rogue Ales and Spirits of Newport, Oregon will soon release “Restoration Redd Ale” to benefit salmon habitat restoration efforts (for you non-Northwesterners, a redd is a salmon “nest” in the bed of a river).

So this got me thinking about the number of river-themed beers I have encountered over the years. We have a lot in the Pacific Northwest, from the Rogue, to the Deschutes Brewery, to Fish Brewing Company. And just the other day I was sitting on the deck of Full Sail Brewing, overlooking the Columbia in Hood River. Whenever I’m in Montana I visit the great Blackfoot River Brewing Company. I remember years ago in Connecticut, spotting a Farmington River Ale in a convenience store fridge. And who can forget New Belgium Brewing’s “Skinny Dip” label that benefitted restoration efforts on rivers like the Poudre and White Salmon?

I know there are lots more — so what is your favorite river beer?

And what is it about the connection between rivers and beer? Is it that you need good, clean water to make a good beer? Or maybe just that after a day of fishing or floating, a cold beer just tastes really good?