What’s Happening Next on Town Brook?

Plymco Dam | AmySingler Plymco Dam | AmySingler

We have written about the exciting restoration of Town Brook in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The project is taking its next steps this month as we commence the removal of the next dam upstream, the Plymco Dam. This is the farthest upstream dam and makes for the fourth barrier removal on this short two mile brook that is so important for river herring.

On more developed streams, it can be challenging to recognize a dam for what it is, when the dam is also a road. This is the situation for the Plymco Dam and the recently removed Off-Billington Street Dam. From the picture, the Plymco Dam looks more like a bizarre wall with a pipe sticking out the front and a fish ladder attached to the right side.  While that is actually what it essentially is, the dam also serves as a road to houses on the right bank and has utility lines running through it to those same houses. As you heard from our Restoration Challenges blog series last month, dams take many shapes and sizes, and they often block movement of fish and wildlife and impact river processes and river health.

While the Plymco Dam removal is about to get started, the Town of Plymouth is evaluating engineering options for the Holmes Dam downstream on the brook. They are considering either removal or reconfiguration of the dam and fish ladder to dramatically improve fish passage.

So you can expect more updates in the coming weeks and months on Town Brook with the Plymco Dam removal about to start and the former Off-Billington impoundment greening up. As far as we’re concerned, it just keeps getting more exciting on this brook!