Watch Great Films – Support American Rivers

In 2015, American Rivers launched a creative storytelling effort through film to inspire river conservation across the country. Why storytelling? Because people have been gathering together and telling stories since the dawn of time. Prehistoric people developed language through stories. Religions were built around the globe by passing down stories from generation to generation. River guides excel at sitting beside a flickering fire after their clients have retired to their tents to relive the adventures of the day. And there are so many amazing vehicles for storytelling surrounding us – whether through spoken tales, music, the written word, or on the big screen. In all, these films create a broad body of work that speak to our hearts, and through these stories, inspire us to take action to protect these places for future generations.

We were recently invited to participate in a different kind of film festival – one that you can experience and enjoy from the comfort of your own home! The Mountain & Adventure Film Festival is an online festival where you purchase a ticket to access the films, and you then can watch them at your leisure online, streaming as often as you like for 29 days. And the best part is that if you purchase your ticket to the festival through the American Rivers portal, 25% of your ticket price is donated back to American Rivers.

Additionally, if you purchase your online access ticket before February 7th, you will be entered to win a 4-day raft trip on the Yampa River through Dinosaur National Monument in Northwest Colorado, courtesy of O.A.R.S. Rafting.

So purchase your ticket today and start enjoying the best in mountain and adventure films!