Voices from the White Salmon River: Daniel Dancer

Daniel Dancer

Daniel Dancer, White Salmon River Activist

The removal of Condit Dam on Washington’s White Salmon River begins on October 26.

The effort to restore the river and its salmon has taken decades. In this guest post, local advocate Daniel Dancer remembers the very beginning of the dam removal effort.

For me it began in 1990 when I moved from Kansas to the Columbia Gorge — to the cliff confluence of the White Salmon and the Columbia on the Skamania side.

I took a long recon walk in my first days there and ended up at the dam and watched salmon jumping up against it. It was a sight that made me sick to see.

Then, a few years later, when I was vice president of Columbia Gorge Audubon…we heard the dam was coming up for relicensing. It became my personal, number one environmental issue to see that it was removed.

Over the years, Daniel has promoted the White Salmon River restoration effort through his Art for the Sky projects. Check out the video for the “breach” of Condit Dam – the real thing is happening in just a couple weeks!