Treasure Hunt

milwaukee riverkeepers

© Davita Flowers-Shawklin

American Rivers’ National River Cleanup™ has been asking River Cleanup Organizers to list some of their most interesting items. Every year, I’m amazed at what trash and treasures people find.

Each of these items has a story about where it came from and who left it behind—either accidentally (like that 10 dollar bill) or deliberately (like the newspaper bag filled with dog poop).

Here is just a small taste of what is out there:

  • Newspaper bag filled with dog poop
  • 53 empty cans of Vienna Sausage and one unopened can
  • 18” T-Rex
  • Mannequin
  • Message in a bottle
  • Time capsule
  • Loveseat
  • Car frame
  • Sleeping bags
  • Full size (6 foot) carved statue of a bear with a fishing pole
  • Rusted car with key in door lock
  • “No Litter” Sign
  • Pool cue
  • Outdoor ceramic sculpture
  • Door of a dryer
  • Doll house
  • Electronic dance mat
  • Frying pan
  • 10 dollar bill
  • Pink flamingo yard ornament
  • 1 birthday cake still in its unopened box

No matter how this trash got there, thousands of people across the nation are volunteering their time to pick it up. With the cleanup season almost halfway over, American Rivers’ National River Cleanup has removed almost one million pounds of trash from over a thousand river miles. That’s like cleaning up from Washington DC to Texas!

Be part of the solution and join American Rivers’ National River Cleanup by finding a cleanup site near you!