Tom Skerritt Narrates New Fly Fishing Documentary

As pioneers settled the “last frontier” they found both solace and sport in the remote areas of California’s north coast. It was where anglers – including the legendary Bill Schaadt – revolutionized fly fishing, creating a culture of intense competition and unspoken codes.

Now decades later, the area’s imperiled steelhead and salmon rivers aren’t able to sustain the fervor of earlier years. But the glory days live on in the frontier fishermen and those who knew them. And now their stories are preserved in the new documentary, Rivers of a Lost Coast.

The film examines the rise and fall of Northern California’s coastal steelhead and salmon rivers from the turn of the century to present day conditions, and raises questions about the importance of healthy watersheds and ecosystems. Rivers of a Lost Coast is narrated by American Rivers Board Member Tom Skerritt – his first return to fly fishing and film since he appeared in Norman Maclean’s classic, A Rivers Runs Through It.

For more information about Rivers of a Lost Coast, future screenings, or the DVD release, visit the film’s website.