The Saga of Coal

The following guest blog contains a poem by Judy Heilman, and is a part of our America’s Most Endangered Rivers® series— Chuitna River, Alaska. Judy Heilman is a local resident of Beluga, Alaska, and a member of the Chuitna Citizens Coalition. She wrote this poem in 2007.

Join us in our quest to defend the Chuitna River throughout February, and be sure to take action!

Chuitna River in Fall | Damion Brook KintzChuitna River in Fall | Damion Brook Kintz

They came one day
And told us
We plan to fill the air
With coal dust.

Your rivers and streams
We will pollute,
Don’t whine and cry because
Politicians don’t give a hoot.

We will dig and dreg
Make a big hole.
We will fluff it back up when
We remove all the coal

They gave us few facts
As they saw fit.
Tried to keep us in the dark
Till they dug the big pit.

We decided not to
Stand by
While they destroyed the river
And darkened the sky.

Big Money can’t buy what
We hold dear.
We fight them back
And show no fear.

Corporations want money, for
People they don’t care
While Alaskans fight for their
Land, rivers, moose and bear.

So the line in the sand
Is drawn till the end
We won’t back down or
Kiss their ass if they bend.

Every day more citizens show
Up for the fight,
We are strong and brave
As Alaskans unite…..

Keep it in the ground!!

Please help us defend the Chuitna River by asking Governor Bill Walker and Alaska Department of Fish and Game Commissioner Sam Cotton to deny permits for this harmful project!

4 Responses to “The Saga of Coal”

Alexander Gudschinsky

Coal is a dying industry. It’s cheap, polluting, and no one wants it anymore.

Keep our rivers and streams. Don’t squander the natural resource that can’t be brought back.

Pat Murray

Please kill this bad idea. Please stop the HB that would allow the mine.

Frank Daroci

Coal is necessary to a point,but not in this case,where rivers,the air,environment,will be destroyed. And the health of the people are in jeopardy. I remember,and I know I always will,taking a course as a freshman in college,where the course focused on who controls America,Big Business or Big Money,and at the end of the course,the class agreed Big Business. Why?,because they have Big money,they have the right connections.So what can we do since we don’t have big money,Be vocal.Find a politician(s) who is on our side,go to local board meetings,put up signs where legal,sign petitions,get permission from mayor/board to have a legal march. Frank Daroci

Vickie Cipparuolo

Please help us to keep ALASKA pure & pristine. So many rivers are being polluted throughout the United States & soon there won’t be any clean water left. We Ned to n preserve our land & water for the future.