The Many Ways Wild and Scenic Designations Help our Rivers

So what exactly do Wild and Scenic River Designations do?  Sure, they prevent  harmful water projects, such as dams, but do they do anything else?

To help clarify the many things a Wild and Scenic designation can do, the American Rivers Northwest staff put together a new series of case studies: “Beyond Banning Dams: Benefits of Wild and Scenic River Designation for Northwest and National River Systems.”

This report examines 10 rivers in five states that have exemplified the great things a Wild and Scenic designation can do for a river and its community.  For example, it can help to bring in funding and people power for restoration projects that benefit the river, and it can spur better, more river- and fish-friendly solutions for managing the river. It can also increase public awareness and appreciation of the river, which can aid protection efforts. 

Read Beyond Banning Dams now to learn more!