The Latest Threat to Clean Water

Rep Donna Edwards urges her colleagues in House to stand up for clean water & protect families, economies, drinking water.

Today, the House is voting on the Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act of FY 2013 today, which includes a dirty water provision that would prevent the Army Corps of Engineers from clarifying the scope of the Clean Water Act and restoring protections to small streams and wetlands.

Following two Supreme Court decisions, which put protections for small streams and wetlands into question, enforcement of the Clean Water Act has declined and an estimated 2 million stream miles (excluding Alaska) that contribute to the drinking water supplies of 117 million Americans may not be protected under current interpretations of the Act.

It is critical that the Army Corps and the Environmental Protection Agency are able to move forward with clarifying the scope of the Act and restoring these protections to critical small streams and wetlands.