The Green Economy Taking Hold

Here in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes the green economy is taking hold. But, what exactly is the green economy?

The United Nations defines the green economy as an “economy that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.” Others may relate to the theory of the triple bottom line, which gives companies and organizations new ways to measure success by delving into economic, ecological and socially responsible issues.

American Rivers has been working with numerous companies that have been buying into this new idea, and are helping to lead the charge in this changing economy. One of those companies is TerraCaelum.

TerraCaelum is building on a technology that has been available in Europe for over 40 years, and creating valuable jobs along the way. The parent company XeroFlor has provided green roofing material for the largest green roof in the world at the Ford Motor Truck Assembly in Dearborn, MI. They also provided the mats for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Village.

Bruce Johnson helped form the Wisconsin subsidiary three years ago, and has already provided over 8 acres of roofing material for projects across the Midwest last year alone. One of these projects was a recently completed project with American Rivers here in Milwaukee.

Through these roof projects the company has been able to create 21 new construction, landscape and sales jobs during the recession, and continues to grow. This job creation is just one example of the changing economy here in the Great Lakes region. TerraCaelum is one supplier that has helped Chicago retrofit more roofs with green materials than any other city in the United States; and helped to create hundreds of new jobs along the way!

Green roofing projects are creating jobs, and providing valuable habitat in urban areas for animals and city dwellers alike. These opportunities in turn, are helping cities and corporations save on their bottom lines while improving the environment for the benefit of our society as a whole.