The Clean Water Act Through the Generations: Generation Y Series, Pt.3

How has the Clean Water Act impacted your life? For those of us who weren’t alive when the Clean Water Act was passed into law in 1972, we interpret this law through the eyes of Generation Y.

Lake Mendota, WI

Lake Mendota, WI | Richard Hurd

As a proud Badger Alum I spent many mornings, afternoons and evenings on or near Lake Mendota. Relishing every aspect of Lake Mendota University of Wisconsin’s closest lake was a Badger’s rite of passage.

Sharing a beer with friends on the Memorial Union Terrace, running along the Lakeshore Path and rowing across the lake in Wisconsin’s sun, snow, rain and sleet are my fondest memories. 

You may not share my love for the Badgers but we all have a lake, river or stream that we identify with and want to protect. Although I wasn’t alive when the Clean Water Act was passed, I can appreciate all that it has done and continues to do for the lakes and rivers I love. Oh, and On Wisconsin!

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