The Clean Water Act Through The Generations: Generation Y Series

How has the Clean Water Act impacted your life? For those of us who weren’t alive when the Clean Water Act was passed into law in 1972, we interpret this law through the eyes of Generation Y.

Having fun at a National River Cleanup event

Having fun at a National River Cleanup event | American Rivers

Leading an 8 person boat, listening to the swoosh of the water fly under my port-side oar, feeling the beat of all 8 rowers turning their oars in sync with a “click.”  There are no words to accurately describe this feeling on a calm morning out on the Potomac River with my crew team, watching the sun rise before the craziness of a 9th grade school day began. 

When I walk by the river with my dog, I have a mix of feelings – nostalgia for all the years I spent on the river – as I wave to 8 seat crew teams out on the river.

The need to protect and restore our nation’s rivers is a mission that I hold close to my heart.  Sylvia Earle, a former Board Member of American Rivers once said, “You have to love it before you are moved to save it.”  As the Manager of National River Cleanup®, advocating for clean water is one of the primary reasons thousands of volunteers participate nationwide every year.  I’m excited to join together in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act.

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