The Clean Water Act Through the Generations: Generation X Series, Pt 2

How has the Clean Water Act impacted your life? For those of us born before or around the passage of the Clean Water Act in 1972, we interpret this law through the eyes of Generation X.

A creek in Silver Spring, MD

A creek in Silver Spring, MD | takomabibelot

Growing up in suburban Maryland, my brother and I spent long summer days playing in the small creek behind our house. I don’t think the creek had a name – we just called it “the creek.”  Down there, we were in a different, wonderful world, away from adults and free to let our imaginations roam. We played in the water, moved rocks to make rapids for toy kayaks, and staged Indiana Jones style adventures with our friends.

Fast forward 25 years and I’m still a water person. I love to swim, and a multi-day river trip is my idea of bliss. And now I have a little boy who loves to splash in puddles and play in streams.  As he grows up, I want to make sure our water is getting cleaner, not dirtier. It’s an important public health issue.

Our kids have a right to clean drinking water, and a right to clean streams where they can play and be safe, and simply be kids.