The Beautiful Sky

Today’s guest blog for our America’s Most Endangered Rivers® series is a story of love for the South Fork Skykomish River from Jeff Smith, a local resident:

Take Action to Protect the
Skykomish River

Tell Congress to support restoration and long-term planning on the Missouri River!

The Skykomish River flows from a distant vault in time and is a guide to our future.

As the uplift of the Cascade mountain range began millions of years ago great upheavals occurred. Glaciers came and went, slowly etching one of nature’s great works of art in the area around Mt. Index.  As the glaciers slowly receded, the South Fork of the Skykomish River was born as an artery of the Earth.

Each one of us at some time has come upon a place like this, so ancient and beautiful that it stops us in silence as we listen to whispers of our origins— a place whose life and energy becomes a reminder of the eternal forces that brought us here, a place whose very existence helps us realize that if we forget where we came from we lose our bearings towards the future.  The South Fork of the Skykomish River under Mt. Index is such a place.

The distant memory I have from my youth of the first time I saw the beauty of this place changed my view of life and has been a guide to my decisions.  It is truly a sacrosanct place for all of us.

This is where a power company proposes to construct a $150 million hydropower industrial project— silencing the ancient voice of the river.

For our own good, places like this need to be protected, not plundered.  We need to keep the Sky wild and free.


If you are a Washington resident, please take a minute to email SnoPUD and urge them to abandon the Sunset Falls project. Then tell your friends to do the same.

You can also visit to learn more about the river and sign a petition to build strength in numbers.

Finally, plan a trip this summer to hike on the Lake Serene/Bridal Veil Falls Trail or swim in the pool at the base of Sunset Falls!