Thankful for the Postcard Underground

A welcome surprise from Postcard Underground

A welcome surprise from Postcard Underground | Katherine Baer

Remember how great it was to get a letter in the mail back in the day when people wrote letters? Well, imagine my great surprise when I received not one, but a stack of postcards in the mail addressed to me at American Rivers a couple of weeks ago. And the strange thing – I don’t know who wrote them, but every single one put a smile on my face. Each one was it’s own unique thank you and a word of encouragement about the work American River’s staff is doing to promote green infrastructure, like rain gardens and green roofs, for cleaner rivers and more vibrant and livable communities. One even said:

“Fabulous. We may survive the 21st century after all. Thank you for all you do”!

Turns out that there’s a mysterious group out there calling themselves the “Postcard Underground” who do just this – inundate groups with notes of appreciation and kindness. As I shared these with my clean water colleagues, they too reacted with delight.

So, thank you Postcard Underground, for your words of inspiration. We’re thankful for you too!