Ten Blogs about Migratory Fish You Might Have Missed

Alewives | The Nature Conservancy

Alewives | The Nature Conservancy

To celebrate World Fish Migration Day later this month, we’ve been blogging about all things migratory fish. So far we’ve written about the economic benefits of restoring river herring, asked whether fish can climb ladders, and provided a few fast facts about migratory species. But we have been blogging about migratory fish for years – here are ten blogs that you may have missed:

  1. The Fish Are Back!
    After 200 years, river herring were spotted in the Mill River (Massachusetts) above the location of the former Hopewell Mills Dam.
  2. Giving Herring a Helping Hand

    A story about collecting herring eggs on Maryland’s Choptank River to ensure the future success of the species in the rivers of the Chesapeake Bay through stocking.

  3. Spawning Salmon Return To the Yakima River

    A brief overview of the Yakima sockeye Reintroduction Program and a story about stopping to see the spawning sockeye salmon on the Cle Elum River in Washington.

  4. If You Remove It They Will Come – Restoring Amethyst Brook, MA

    Native sea lamprey return to the site of the former Bartlett Rod Shop Dam on the Amethyst Brook in Massachusetts. (Cool video!)

  5. Searching for Steelhead in San Francisquito

    A day in the field helps to determine the impact of California’s epic drought on steelhead in San Francisquito Creek.

  6. Have You Ever Heard of A Herring Warden?

    An interview with the person in charge of monitoring blueback and alewife herring on Town Brook in Massachusetts.

  7. Celebrating River Herring with another Dam Removal in Plymouth

    The spring herring run provided a reason to reflect on and celebrate the Town Brook Dam removal in Massachusetts.

  8. Salmon and Much More along the Rogue River

    An account of a hike down to Rainie Falls in Oregon to join the “fish watchers” in enjoying the salmon migration.

  9. School Kids Send American Shad Home to the Neuse

    A short blog about how Middle school students in North Carolina are raising American shad fry for reintroduction to local rivers.

  10. Desperate Alewives

    The story of how dam removal is helping to restore alewives in Maine. Includes a video of the Maine Public Broadcasting Network Program “Sustainable Maine – Desperate Alewives”.

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