Success on South Carolina’s Saluda

Saluda group recreation_Jason Van Driesche

Saluda River, SC | Jason Van Driesche

The Saluda River is a southeast treasure. A tributary of the Congaree River, the Saluda is popular for fishing and boating, but has been harmed by dams and other development.

Fortunately, the hydropower dam relicensing process provided a chance to improve the river’s health, and its recreation opportunities. It’s no secret that dams hurt rivers — but many people don’t realize that we can improve a dam’s operations to revitalize a river’s health. Rivers are public assets, so it’s only fair that when a dam’s operating license needs to be renewed, the public has a chance to weigh in.

That’s exactly what happened on the Saluda and American Rivers and our partners were able to make some great changes for the river and all the people who enjoy it.

Watch this video by Andy Maser about the success on the Saluda. This video is part of a series of videos featuring hydropower reform success stories. We’ll be sharing the next two videos in the coming weeks. We are grateful to the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation for supporting this important hydropower reform work, and this storytelling project.