Success Follows the Dillsboro Dam Removal

American Rivers has long supported the removal of the Dillsboro Dam in western North Carolina to restore the health of the Tuckaseegee River and recreational opportunities for the community. Duke Energy has been trying to remove the dam, an outdated structure no longer producing power, for nearly a decade.

American Rivers was thrilled to hear of the court’s January decision in favor of restoring the river and removing the dam!

In February I made the trip out to the mountains to see the first steps of removal. It was amazing to see such a giant, hazardous structure begin to come down, and even more incredible to see the river begin to run free for the first time in a hundred years. Sharing the moment with me were dozens of locals- I heard many who were originally opposed to the project commenting on how good it would be for the river and for recreation.

Then just the other week, I stopped by again to see the river’s progress in returning to its natural state. It was a beautiful sight, made better by kayakers out there enjoying the water. American Rivers looks forward to many more such win-win projects throughout North Carolina.

Watch a video about this dam removal: