Starts with Clear Planning

columbia river basinWater is the essence of life–a necessity delivered to us by our rivers. American Rivers helps guide smart policymaking about rivers and water management to ensure we have clean water flowing in our rivers and through our faucets.

Recently we helped Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Washington develop statewide plans to prepare for floods, droughts, and other consequences of climate change. Top priorities were sustainable approaches to water management, including water efficiency tactics and green infrastructure.

In Georgia, we helped shape the Georgia 2010 Water Stewardship bill, which established cost-effective water efficiency measures. And as a member of the state’s Water Loss Task Force, we continue to help strategize ways to create and meet water-loss reduction goals for water utilities.

In Washington’s Yakima River Basin, American Rivers helped bring diverse stakeholders together to find long-term water supply solutions. A historically divided group reached agreement on an integrated plan that combines fish passage, habitat enhancement, surface and groundwater storage, water conservation, and more. Our staff was instrumental in helping the various interests find common ground.

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