Stand against corporate lobbyists. Support a strong Clean Water Act

Blue heron in wetlands, Metamora, MI by Rodney Campbell

Ask your Representative to oppose dirty water provisions | Photo by Rodney Campbell

Right now, corporate lobbyists for building construction and factory farm interests are putting pressure on Members of Congress to support attempts to block the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers’ efforts to restore long-standing protections under the Clean Water Act.

The EPA and the Army Corps’ proposed Clean Water Rule would clarify what waters are – and what waters are not – protected under the Clean Water Act. Despite thirty years of comprehensive protections under the law, two Supreme Court decisions in 2001 and 2006 made it unclear whether small streams and wetlands were still protected. This leaves the small streams and wetlands that contribute to the drinking water of 117 million Americans, store floodwaters, and filter out pollutants vulnerable to pollution.

Members of the House of Representatives are likely to take a vote on appropriations legislation that will contain either a policy rider or amendment to block efforts to move forward on the proposed Clean Water Rule, leaving in place a declining enforcement under the Clean Water Act where small streams and wetlands are vulnerable to pollution.

Don’t let the polluters be the only voice that’s heard. Let your Congressional representatives know today how important clean water is to you. We’ve got a tough fight ahead against big corporate lobbyists and industry polluters who all stand to benefit from blocking this proposed Clean Water Rule.