Solution = Water Efficiency

Last week I had the privilege of attending the keynote speech by Maude Barlow at Clean Water Week in D.C. She began by listing recent water news headlines in the past month, and they sure do relay that we have a global water crisis. But she didn’t want to concentrate our conversation on the problems; she wanted to talk about solutions.

The solutions centered around the statement that water belongs to the people, the ecosystem, and the future. This implies a lot about managing water sustainably. The conversation stressed the importance of leaving water in our rivers through water efficiency, conservation, rainwater harvesting and rain barrels, and greywater reuse. We also discussed water pricing and the need to give priority use to drinking water, while charging for water waste. It is important to pay the true cost of water service and delivery if we are to understand how much water is worth.

American Rivers works on this issue through our water efficiency work. We must manage the water we do have wisely to ensure we have an adequate supply for a “not so rainy” day. Please check out the report we released last year, “Hidden Reservoir”, to read more about water efficiency and water pricing, to hear about other solutions, and to see examples of how water efficiency is already being used to manage our water wisely.