Sewage Right to Know Passes Senate Committee

It was great to attend the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Hearing today because the Committee got a lot done in a short time. My personal favorite?? The Sewage Overflow Right to Know Act, which passed out of Committee unanimously, led by senator Lautenberg. This bill ensures that people won’t be in the dark about sewage spills into their local stream, rivers, and playgrounds by requiring that sewage treatment plants notify the public when there’s an overflow that could affect our health. The recent example in South Carolina is but one of many tales where public notification could prevent people from needlessly becoming ill.

The Committee also passed a reauthorization for the Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds, money to help pay for upgrades to crumbling infrastructure as well as for green infrastructure and water efficiency.

Both these bills get us towards cleaner water and healthier communities. Like I always say, when you gotta know, you gotta know.