Sewage Right to Know Passes House

Have you heard a lot about unsafe tomatoes lately? I have – when I bought a sandwich the other day the cashier made sure to tell me that they were not serving any tomatoes. We’ve heard about it because the FDA and CDC have a system in place to track these outbreaks and alert consumers to health risks as they have with this salmonella outbreak.

Well, now we’re one step closer to getting the same information when there’s a sewer spill that could affect public health. The House of Representatives passed the Sewage Overflow Right to Know Act (HR 2452) on Monday. As I wrote just over a year ago when the bill was introduced, sewage right to know is a straightforward way to ensure that people stay safe while enjoying their rivers as it requires sewage treatment plants to monitor their systems and alert the public when there’s a potentially harmful spill.

Boating with my family several weeks ago reminded just how important this legislation is – when there’s a spill, I want to know. Knowledge is a great first line of defense while we work hard to improve our water infrastructure.