Second of Two Dam Removals near Troy, North Carolina

Dam removal on the Little River, NC

Dam removal on the Denson’s Creek, NC | American Rivers

“I have to say that this was the most rewarding project that I have worked on in my 29 years with the Service.” – Ricky Campbell, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Excavator Operator

The US Fish and Wildlife Service, in partnership with the Town of Troy and American Rivers, worked to remove a dam on Denson’s Creek in Montgomery County, NC a week ago (Tues, Sept 11). The dam was built by the Town of Troy over 50 years ago to provide water supply, but it had long since stopped serving that purpose. Removing the dam will restore and reconnect habitat for several rare mussels and other high priority species.

This marked the second dam in this area that the team removed last week. See my other blog post here.

See video below of the dam removal, and photos on American Rivers’ Facebook.

USFWS provided funding for the project thanks to their Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program (Laura Fogo) and Fish Passage Program (Tripp Boltin). Staff from their Asheville office (Mark Cantrell) and Raleigh office (Laura Fogo), with help from AR and other partners, worked together on planning, design and permitting. USFWS staff from the North Mississippi Refuge (Hal Jones) and Private John Allen National Fish Hatchery in MS (Ricky Campbell) did an incredible, professional job operating the excavators to remove the dam.

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