Save the Wild Rogue

This week former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber and former Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury sounded an urgent call to action to protect Oregon’s Rogue River.  Their opinion editorial ran in the Oregonian.

In 1968, the Rogue was one of the first Wild and Scenic Rivers in the nation, but this iconic river and its watershed are threatened by logging, mining, off road vehicle use, and an escalating climate crisis. American Rivers has for several years been working to protect 40 cold water fish-bearing tributaries to the Rogue River from some of these threats by designating them as Wild and Scenic Rivers themselves.  American Rivers and the Save the Wild Rogue campaign have legislation in Congress introduced by Senator Wyden and Representative DeFazio of Oregon.  However, we echo the concern of Governor Kitzhaber and Secretary Bradbury that we need to urge Congress to pass this legislation this year so that we can secure clean water for fish and communities living in the Rogue River basin.  You can find out more about our effort to Save the Wild Rogue here.

Please consider taking action by emailing your U.S. Senators and Representatives today to ask them to protect the Wild Rogue.