Romping with the Otters

You can see how much one of the gift recipients enjoyed his present.

We have had great response to our first-ever Adopt-an-Otter campaign—thank you for making this project a big success.

I was kayaking with my husband, Tom, and a couple of friends on the Potomac River near Pennyfield Lock when I had my first up close and personal encounter with a river otter. Tom had stowed his fishing rod and I my binoculars and we started to paddle upstream to our take-out.

The river wasn’t flowing too fast but we still had to work a bit so I was concentrating. Suddenly, I heard a chirpy sound right next to my kayak and up popped a small whiskery head, just for a second, followed by the curve of a sleek yard-long body as the otter dived, probably as startled as I was!

I thought about this encounter in November as we were creating our Otter Adoption center here at American Rivers. So many of our members and friends sent plush otters as gifts to friends and family—while at the same time supporting our work to protect and restore rivers so the real, live otters like the one that surprised me can thrive.

Hope you’ll send along your own otter photos and comments. We would love to share them with others who might want to Adopt an Otter!