Reducing Our Plastic Use – One ‘River Fan’ At A Time

Last weekend a few American Rivers staff members volunteered for a cause near and dear to our hearts.  We joined the Brita Filter for Good® Music Project team at the Dave Matthews Band concert in Virginia to speak to fans about the importance of reducing their plastic waste. 

Together we were able to collect nearly 500 pledges from fans who committed to reducing their use of plastic, not only at the concert, but in everyday life.   We had the opportunity to discuss simple changes everyone can make to maintain a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and of course play games to win a spiffy new reusable water bottle with the band’s logo.

Stefan Lessard bass player for the Dave Matthews Band told EcoSalon in March of 2012: “One of the biggest things is getting the fans involved. Being out there and educating fans not only about what we’re doing as a band, but also what they can do themselves at home.”

As the National River Cleanup® Campaign Manager – I too continually strive to engage “river fans” to not only cleanup their local waterways but also encourage their community to practice river-friendly habits to reduce pollution in our nation’s waterways.  Here are a few simple tips to share with friends and family to help reduce our use of plastics:

  • Ditch the bottled water – always carry your reusable water bottle with you
  • Be an eco-wise consumer – choose to buy items with less packaging and purchase in bulk when possible
  • BYOB – carry your own shopping bags instead of using plastic bags each time you visit a store
  • Pack a lunch – cut down on your use of to-go containers by bringing your own reusable containers to school or work with you everyday

How do you plan on reducing your plastic consumption?  Comment below or on Facebook to share your ideas with us!