Read Me A River

One of the best things about winter is getting to curl up with a good book. So how about a good river read with your favorite kid…  Here are some recommendations from some of our staff:

For starters, there’s “Trout, Trout, Trout (a fish chant)” written by April Pulley Sayre that highlights freshwater fish in the United States. The outlandish drawings of everything from perch, cod and pike easily capture the interest of young kids. You’ll hardly believe it when you find yourself chanting lines like “Threespine stickleback. Freshwater Drum. Lake Chub. Creek Chub. Chum Chum Chum.” A favorite of our Vice President for Conservation, Andrew Fahlund, and his son, pick this one up and your child’s first words might just be “Largescale Stoneroller!”

Our Director for Water Supply, Jenny Hoffner, just found a new one called “I know why the River Loves Me – Yo se que el río me ama” by Maya Christina Gonzalez.  Jenny writes that “the words (in both English and Spanish) are beautiful and the illustrations are inspiring.”

One of my favorites is titled simply “River” by Debby Atwell.  The books tells the story of a river that goes from pristine and bountiful to overused and polluted and then is restored back again as the community learns how to care for the river. By the end, people are once again enjoying and protecting the river, boating on the water and playing on the banks. Lines like “Time passed. The river rested. The trees  grew,” combined with folk-art style illustrations make a compelling read, for young and old.

Happy holidays  and happy reading – what’s your favorite river read?