Rain Garden Tips: Pre-Video Supplies

The next topic for our rain garden tip series is going to be evaluating your soil. I was going to trying making the video yesterday, but realized later in the day that I didn’t have the right supplies. So, unfortunately I think I’ll have to postpone the video until Friday or Monday, since I’m out in the field most of today.

But the fun part is that not only am I going to talk about what to do to evaluate your soil, I’m going to show you a couple of neat little tricks on how to figure out what kind of soil you have in your back yard and also to test and see how well your yard infiltrates stormwater. I love science projects!

You don’t have to have these materials ahead of time, but in case you want to, here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A clean, empty spaghetti jar with a lid, or something similar.
  2. A handful of dirt from your back yard
  3. A empty clean soup can with both top and bottom removed
  4. A permanent marker
  5. A small pitcher of water — or at least have your sink handy.

Curious? This’ll be fun. Oh, and Patricia is putting the finishing touches on her video on designing a garden, so that’s in the line-up as well. You’ll have to have your pencil and paper ready for that one. Stay tuned…