Protecting Rivers in NY from Fracking

As you know, American Rivers has listed two rivers on the border of New York as America’s Most Endangered Rivers® of 2010 and 2011— the Upper Delaware and Susquehanna Rivers.  The issue of natural gas development continues to be battled on many fronts in the states and federal government.

Today our friends at Riverkeeper in New York have asked for your help to protect their water from the impacts of natural gas development.

New York is considering a new fracking plan that NEEDS YOUR INPUT TODAY!  Please consider their plea for help in expressing your concern for the health of the water of New York below:

“Riverkeeper has been leading the effort to prevent NY from fracking with its water – and today it is asking you for your help to win the fight.  It’s a critical moment in Riverkeeper’s campaign, as public pressure mounts on NY and the state environmental agency (DEC) to rethink their flawed plans for gas drilling in the state.  Here’s how you can help:

For NY residents:

In September, NY released a deeply flawed environmental review and draft regulations on fracking, and state officials need to hear from the public before finalizing these documents.  Review Riverkeeper’s 10 Major Flaws with New York’s Fracking Plan and follow our commenting guide to send your comments.  Magnify your impact by gathering your friends for a fracking comment party.  The comment deadline is Wednesday, Jan. 11

Riverkeeper and its partners are also organizing a Fracking Day of Action to lobby New York lawmakers at the state capital in Albany.  Register, and join us on Monday, Jan. 23.

For Out-of-Staters:

If you care about fracking (and especially if you vacation in NY), please write to Governor Cuomo and express your thoughts on fracking and how it might influence your tourism decisions. 

For other ways to support Riverkeeper’s efforts on fracking, visit”

We hope that you will help the Riverkeeper and all of the other great organizations standing up for clean and healthy water in New York by letting the Governor know that clean water comes first!