President Obama Launches America’s Great Outdoors Initiative

The Obama Administration recently launched its America’s Great Outdoors Initiative. As part of this effort, they are bringing together farmers and ranchers, land trusts, recreation groups, sportsmen, government and industry, city dwellers, suburban families, rural communities, and organizations like American Rivers to develop new partnerships and innovative programs such as Blue Trails to protect and restore our rivers, clean water, and natural heritage.

America’s rivers and natural areas provide clean drinking water, fresh air, and places to enjoy with friends and family. Our rivers and lands allow hundreds of millions of people every year to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities – boating, fishing, bird watching, hiking, hunting, photography, bike riding, and picnicking. Not only do America’s rivers and natural areas sustain our communities into the future by anchoring local economies, they also provide a cultural and historical connection to who we are and where we have been.