Plumbing the Colorado River

Great poster from HCN publisher, Ed Marston, depicting how the Colorado River basin’s rivers drain into various reservoirs and, from there, into water management systems.

Click to enlarge | © HCN

For almost 30 years, the Colorado River Basin Plumbing graphic has been a favorite of HCN readers, educators, resource professionals and the like. It was first published in the Nov. 10, 1986 issue of HCN as part of a groundbreaking four-part series on water in the West (HCN won the prestigious 1986 George Polk Award for this coverage).

This latest 2013 rendering, by Boulder, Colo., artist Holly McClelland, is updated to include the Las Vegas-Southern Nevada Water Authority and the Warren H. Brock Reservoir.

If this infographic inspires you to help the Colorado, take action!