Plastic, Plastic Everywhere

…with more than enough to spare.

As part of the National River Cleanup® efforts we ask our organizers to fill out a post-event survey once the river cleanup is over.  We collect this information to better understand what types of trash are polluting our waterways.  Can you take a wild guess what the number one item of trash found in the river was in 2011?


This takes form in all shapes, sizes and varieties.  This 2011 blog post highlights the noteworthy items found on the river in the past year.  Pink plastic flamingo?  Check.  Plastic mannequin?  Check.  Giant plastic t-rex toy?  Check.  And the list goes on.

In 2012, National River Cleanup continues to promote and provide tools for organizers to incorporate education within their river cleanups.  It is evident from the data we collect how important it is to spread the word about clean water and encourage best practices in day to day life.  River facts, the anatomy of a river infographic, water saving tips, and generally cool river information can be found be found on the “About Rivers” section of our website.

Although the video below is a mockumentary on the life cycle of a plastic bag – there is truth behind this sentiment.  Sure – I initially worried that the five-cent plastic bag tax implemented in Washington, DC, would cost me my life savings.  

But you know what, I think twice before I go to the store and bring my own reusable bags.  Although the tax is small, it is a reminder and encourages discourse about the overuse of plastic bags and ways to change minor daily habits to benefit the environment in a drastic way.

Watch the “mockumentary” video:

Here is to less plastic bags in our rivers…

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