Plastic Is Everywhere!

Plastic is an amazing human invention that has changed every facet of life as we know it. Most of us use it everyday, just for a few minutes, and then throw it away. In certain forms, plastic can be recycled into new products like clothing, furniture, and decking. However, much of it created is not recycled or recyclable. The plastic that is not properly disposed of, end up in landfills, incinerators, on the ground, or in our rivers. Plastic makes up about 30-50% of the litter found during American Rivers’ National River Cleanup™. This includes but is not limited to bottle caps, bottles, plastic bags, straws and containers. The Discovery Channel and a group called the 5 Gyres created a video that gives a first hand look at where plastic ends up. Please watch the video.

Residents of Houston, Texas are fighting for legislation that could help solve the problem of plastic in their rivers. They are calling for deposit legislation for beverage containers in the state of Texas or more commonly known as a bottle bill. This legislation drastically reduces the amount of glass and plastic bottles found littered on the ground and in water. It adds an upfront cost of 5 cents to every bottle purchased and then pays out 5 cents when the bottle is returned. Twelve states already have a bottle bill. Watch this short video of the effort being made in Texas and how you can help!

  • What you can do:
    If you find the pictures of where plastic ends up disturbing, consider hosting a river cleanup anytime during the 2011 National River Cleanup™ year.