Obama Transition Team Receives American Rivers’ Recommendations

We are facing an unprecedented opportunity to significantly transform our country’s approach to water.

Last week, American Rivers presented “Clean Water and Healthy Communities: Recommendations to the Obama Administration” to the President-elect’s transition team.

The document outlines overarching themes and recommendations for the new Administration and details specific ideas for water agencies and issue areas.

Back in September, in an interview with Discover Magazine, the President-elect said, “An Obama administration will put water issues—both quantity and quality—at the top of our environmental agenda.” 

That’s great news, because our country is fast approaching a crisis point when it comes to water. The nation’s sewer systems, pipes, and levees are outdated and crumbling, and global warming threatens communities with more floods, droughts and waterborne diseases. The American Society of Civil Engineers recently graded the nation’s dams a D, and wastewater and drinking water systems a D-, the lowest grades of any infrastructure category. 

Today in Philadelphia, President-elect Obama is meeting with 40 of the nation’s governors to discuss economic stimulus measures, and water infrastructure is part of that conversation.

Whether it’s making smarter investments in the nation’s water infrastructure, fighting global warming, or restoring key protections to the nation’s rivers and streams, we look forward to working with the Obama Administration to transform the way our country manages water and rivers.

It is a matter of jobs, economic security, and public health and safety. And of course, it’s also about protecting the rivers, fish and wildlife that are such an important part of our environment, quality of life and our heritage as Americans.