Nominate Your Endangered River for our 2013 List!

The Green River in Utah was listed as a 2012 Most Endangered River

The Green River in Utah was listed as a 2012 Most Endangered River | James Kaiser, O.A.R.S.

It is time to nominate rivers to American Rivers’ 2013 America’s Most Endangered Rivers® report!  If you didn’t get to see our 2012 report, please click here

Every year, American Rivers generates a list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers®.  Ten rivers are selected each year for inclusion in our list, not because they are the most polluted, but rather because they are facing a turning point in the coming year that could negatively impact the river into the future.  Rivers are selected based upon the following criteria:

  • A major decision (that the public can help influence) in the coming year on the proposed action.
  • The significance of the river to human and natural communities.
  • The magnitude of the threat to the river and associated communities, especially in light of a changing climate.

The nomination form is available electronically (MER Nomination Form 2013.pdf).  You can use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to fill in this form.  When you are finished, email your form to me  at (the “submit” button in the PDF isn’t working correctly at the moment).

Note that the form requires identification of a lead point of contact.  That person will be the main contact in charge of helping coordinate with the other partners on the listing.  We are also requesting the involvement of a non-traditional partner, such as a local business owner, medical professional, economist, or other individual that can tell a different story about why protecting the river is important.

Nominations will be due on November 1, 2012.  Instructions for submittal are included on the form and in this email below.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

I am looking forward to highlighting new challenges for our rivers in 2013!